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Editing Lessons

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One-on-One Online Editing Lessons are Available.


Editing and post production are crucial parts in digital photography. 

Often times, you spend hours and hours learning how to take photos and shooting hundreds and thousands of images…. 

Yet, your photos might be sitting in your computer for days and months without being edited or touched…..


I would like to introduce you to the fun and excitement of photo editing

Through the lessons, you will expand your creativity and see your photos in a completely different perspective. 


I believe that this one-on-one lesson is the best way to learn photo editing since it is such a personal process that involves your own taste. 

I would like to be as flexible as possible to your needs and will try to help you accomplish your goals in photography.


My lessons are not lecture-based, nothing like sitting and listening to eBooks or online tutorials.

They are practice-based lessons.

By connecting through Zoom, we will share computer screens and practice editing your photos for hours.

Your ultimate goal is to establish the entire workflow, which can be used for years to come.

It is not just Lightroom skills or techniques, you will learn how to manage your entire photography.

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1. I encourage you to join my lessons if you fit into the following descriptions:


  • You do not know where to start editing

  • You are interested in editing but feel a bit intimidated or overwhelmed to learn and use the editing software

  • You have participated in some lectures on Lightroom and Photoshop, purchased e-books or tried to follow some photographer’s tutorials, yet, you are still unable to establish your entire workflow

  • You have been taking photos for many years and your photos are stored all over where you cannot trace them

  • You have basic editing skills but you want to improve to a more advanced level

  • You are interested in Black and White editing

  • Your goal is to make huge prints out of your photos and hang them up on your wall



2. Here is how I conduct the lessons:


  • I normally start lessons with a consultation of your current editing environment (computer setting / software / back-up of your data / etc. ) and we will discuss your goals.

  • Then, we will go through the critical process: re-organize, re-structure, re-name your photo folders. More than half of my students have the same issues of photo organization where their photo folders are all over… Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, I will help you out!

  • Lessons are conducted through Zoom; we will share computer screens and I will sometimes operate your software remotely.

  • The main software we will be using are Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC (sometimes we will combine with other software).

  • Lessons are once a week, can be multiple times depending on your interest or schedule.

  • Step-by-step lessons to go through the whole process: catalog management / accurate and faster photo selection / global changes / local changes / export process / etc.

  • Additional lessons such as Black and White editing, Star Shoot editing, Panoramic stacking and Focus stacking are available as well.


Are you ready to dive into the fun and beauty of photo editing and get totally amazed with your own photos?

Please contact me for further details by clicking CONTACT below.

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