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Katsuyoshi Tanaka


As a native from Japan, I relocated to New York in 1993. I started my career as an assistant for Michael Yamashita, a National Geographic photographer. I was lucky enough to learn everything about being a photographer from the best of the best. 

I began my freelance career in 1995 and have been involved in various projects for magazines, books and exhibitions in the U.S., Japan and many other countries.


I travel extensively to Europe and South America where I have been documenting traditional cultures and lifestyles such as Bullfighters in Spain, Inca Descendants in Peru, and Racial and Cultural Mixture in Brazil.

I have also documented social issues such as School Reforms in the United States and America’s Prison System.


In recent years, I have photographed various performing arts such as classical ballet, modern dance companies and opera theaters.

I held a series of photo exhibitions on American Ballet Theatre (in Tokyo, New York, and Alexandria, Virginia) and Mark Morris Dance Group (in Brooklyn, New York and Berkeley, California).

In 2007, I held an exhibition on Tango Argentina at Ronald Reagan National Airport, Washington D.C. with full support from the American Red Cross.

In 2008, I was assigned to photograph Cirque du Soleil, a world-famous performance group based in Canada, when they opened their residential show in Tokyo.


I started taking photos of people and nature throughout Brazil in 2001. After ten years of countless trips, in 2011 I published a photography book, “BRAZIL – The Poetry of Diversity” with full sponsorship from Nikon Inc.


I also started documenting Chile in 2005. I was fascinated by the grandeur of the landscape and have been frequently traveling to Patagonia, Atacama Desert, Easter Island and the high plateau in the Andes.


In 2013, I started photography workshops in Patagonia and Atacama Desert, Chile to teach photo enthusiasts from around the world. 

Nikon Inc. – the world’s leading imaging company – has been a sponsor for the workshops. 

explora – South America’s top resort hotel group – is also the partner of the programs.

I am so thankful to be able to work with these companies for many years.


Now I have expanded the workshops to Easter Island in Chile, Altiplano and Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia, Patagonia and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Iguaçu Falls and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and my beloved home country, Japan. For these workshops, I design, coordinate and teach the whole program, and I absolutely love sharing the journey with all my guests.

Thank you for your interest!

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